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Let Your Skin Breathe

We are a clean beauty brand with a mission to create a skin environment that will allow your skin to breathe. We take pride in doing what we do best - to develop naturally derived skincare that can be enjoyed by all skin types. Especially sensitive skin!

The story of Natural Derma Project started when our founder Sungjun Park wanted to make skincare that was safe even for his pregnant wife to use. So with this goal in mind we set out to develop safe & gentle formulas.

With ethically sourced ingredients and carefully designed formulas, our products keep your skin healthy and pores clean - thus letting your skin breathe!

Natural Dermatology

We design skincare with one goal in mind - natural skincare that gives you the perfect balance between nature and science. Natural Derma Project carries the philosophy of "Derma from Nature" which was designed in order to deliver derma cosmetic effects by using naturally derived ingredients.

We constantly research and study the effects of ingredients on skin to create the effects of derma cosmetics using natural ingredients. Through our commitment to climate and sustainability, our ingredients are sourced ethically and selected carefully to preserve nature at its finest. 

This makes it possible to achieve derma results with safe ingredients.

Our Values


We maintain a sense of duty to always be honest about our products and ingredients, this making both the earth and your skin a better place.


Here at NDP we have our own in-house lab to develop perfect formulas after undergoing multiple stages of testing. Safe for pregnant women and safe to use around children & animals too.


With strong naturally derived ingredients we develop gentle but effective formulas which are both safe and healthy for your skin to make a difference on your skin.


We use carefully selected ingredients and use them in their most pure form and maximize the effect of the ingredients

Our Three Promises


We promise to care for the planet in our daily practices and skincare formulations. Our commitment to community actions is shown in our product designs and sustainable choices.


We promise to bring you vegan-friendly skincare that is free from harmful ingredients. We source our ingredients from regions best known for their safe practices and healthy raw materials. 


We promise to collaborate with our in-house lab scientists to create the safest and most effective natural skincare. By using the latest technology, we are able to bring you clinically proven skincare with exclusive patent rights. 

Greenery Package

Natural Derma project considers the Earth with not only the ingredients we select but also the packaging we use.

We use recyclable glass containers during the product development phase and excluded sticker labels that are difficult to recycle. On top of this we are now 100% tape free in our packaging seals.

We try to minimize plastic use and develop products using sustainable containers and packaging materials.

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