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Product Information

You can purchase our products here on our website or from Amazon US. Our products are also available on Shopee for those located in South East Asia.

Yes - we recently obtained our PETA certificate! None of our ingredients or products are tested on or sourced from animals.

Yes - in fact our brand was started with the aim of making product safe for new and expecting mothers!

South Korea - we have our own partnered lab here in Seoul.

Created from all natural processes and organic matter, Natural Derma Project Bio-Placenta is a natural alternative to animal placenta. Animal placenta is known for it’s skin benefits but since we are an anti-cruelty brand we have developed our own natural alternative. Bio-Placenta is a naturally derived ingredient from plants that provides skin health benefits associated with placenta but is a vegan friendly alternative. This ingredient helps your skin to look radiant and feel more youthful. It also helps hydrate and rejuvenate your skin. This ingredient has been developed in our own lab and is unique to Natural Derma Project.


Currently we only stock our products in the US and South Korea. This means we ship to all US states and territories from this website or in South Korea from our Korean website. However, if you live in South East Asia you can also find our products on Shopee.

We accept Visa and Mastercard.

If the product has experienced damages during the shipping process, please contact us upon delivery and we will find a solution.

Once your order has shipped, you will receive an email that will include the tracking number from the delivery courier.

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