Natural Derma Project at Seoul Fashion Week

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Natural Derma Project at Seoul Fashion Week

As a brand, we really focus on transparency and ingredients. NDP does this by always communicating with our consumers and being honest about what goes into our products. So we headed to Seoul Fashion Week to ask people what honesty is for them, talk a little about skincare, and get to know some cool people visiting Seoul!

Honesty is being genuinely humble and gracious in whatever atmosphere or environment you find yourself in. No matter what situation you’re in you have to speak your truth and give value back to whoever has given you the same respect”


Our first interviewee for the day was Kavon, he was super friendly and lovely to chat with. He’s from Maryland in the United States and is a fashion student in Seoul.

When do you feel most honest? “When I’m alone I have more time to really think about my actions or what I want to pursue and do. Because I’m a very impulsive person so I have to like wind down and cool down and once I stop being so impulsive and fast paced then I can be really honest with myself and speak more genuinely.”

When do you feel happiest? “I guess when I’m just having a good day right from the start. You know, you just wake up very happy and you have a glow. And that’s when I feel like I’m dressed my best, I don’t know, I just like that feeling when I’m the best version of myself. You just kind of wake up and you’re naturally kind of happy.”

Next, we quickly chatted with Korean model and university student who goes by the name Akira. Being a model, he struggles with sensitive skin since models must wear make-up frequently and are always using different kinds of products which can irritate the skin.

This was a very eye-opening conversation because sometimes it slips my mind, the skin struggles models must experience for their jobs but they always look amazing!

“I think honesty is being honest about your opinions and not trying to hide what you think”

Skincare isn’t age binding; you can start as young you like. Younger is probably better and thus my point was further proved when I started talking with Ciana who came to Korea to travel with her family. She’s really interested in Korean culture as well as skincare! At only 11 years old she is much more aware than I was at that age; she uses natural based products to bring out her glow and combat pimples. As you can tell, her glow is very much radiating!

“Honesty also applies to brands, being open about ingredients where they come from and what exactly is in the product

I approached Joanne thinking she was a model but found out she’s also a student (from Germany). I really enjoyed chatting with her about her experiences in Korea. She’s doing a year abroad here studying Korean language, culture, and history. She also speaks Korean! For her a usual day starts at 6.30am, she goes to class for the day, and then studies (more!) or meets friends. She also enjoys exploring cafes and Instagramming!

She can’t live without toner, to help combat with dryness. And she talked us through her skin routine:

  1. Make up remover
  2. Cream cleanser – because foam can dry out your skin
  3. Toner
  4. Serum or essence
  5. A cream / moisturizer

I totally understand her struggles with dry skin, especially in this season coming into winter so I told her I’ve been trying out gel cleansers which are also quite gentle on your skin and less drying. When buying skin products Joanne used to focus more on the effects of products on skin but has more recently become more conscious about if products are cruelty free and what products contain. I love Joanne’s honesty because she admitted she is not quite there yet but we can all understand the struggle of finding products which have both the effects we need for our skin as well as well-sourced ingredients. That’s why we have Natural Derma Project!

“Honesty is showing my true thoughts, without lying”

 I also bumped into Jong Wook, I’ve actually photographed him before and was excited to talk to him more, but he is very popular and I had limited time with him. He’s a 24 year old freelance model and student based in Korea, who loves street fashion. When he’s not studying he’s usually in photoshoots or catching up on sleep!

I asked him what advice he would give to his younger self and I loved his answer. He said “love yourself more, more than now and be proud of yourself. More.”

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